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Air Conditioner Common Problems and Solutions

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Nothing is nicer to be in your comfort zone, savouring that cold air temperature by your air conditioner especially during summer season. Air Conditioners that were forgotten the past few months are now expected to run without any issues! Sharing with you the top 5 air conditioner common problems and solutions you need to know and when to get professional technicians for your air conditioner repair.

To get the best performance out of your AC, it is important to get your AC a check-up, this  allows you to prevent potential problems beforehand.

1. Low Refrigerant

Does your AC have been turned-on all day yet still not cooling? You might be running out of refrigerant.

One of the essential components of an AC is the refrigerant. It absorbs heat from the surrounding and returns a cool air when combined with other AC components.

Take it to the experts to get the right type of refrigerant because using the wrong one can seriously damage your AC.

2. Fan Failure

There are two working blower fans in your AC: A fan that blows indoor air to the evaporator coil that produces cool air; and the other is the outdoor fan that blows air to the condenser that exhausts the heat.

If one of the two fans isn’t working, it will result in poor airflow and if neglected or misdiagnosed, could lead to compressor failure.

3. Water Leak

Water leak is a sign that your maintenance is overdue!  This means that the condensate drain pipe is clogged with dirt, dust, or molds that causes your aircon to leak. You may check the pipe and unclog the line by using a vacuum. If it doesn’t work, another possibility is that the condensate pump might be broken and is in need of a replacement. 

A vetted technician can easily identify an air conditioner common problems and solutions and could provide an outright repair shall there be an urgent need.

4. Frozen Evaporator Coil

Frozen evaporator coil is caused by insufficient supply of air to operate. This may freeze up your AC and may stop the AC from working.

Surefire is to get an aircon technician to diagnose your unit and acquire genuine part replacements.

5. Electric Control Failure

Often turning on and off of your air conditioner can make the condenser, fan motor, and compressor wear out.  A corrosion of wires might not connect properly in starting the ac from functioning. 

Seek professional help to determine the issue. You may book a trusted technician online at

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Air Conditioner Common Problems and Solutions