Teko Launches Electrical Services Division

1 Mins read
  Electricity is perhaps one of the most crucial commodities in our modern times, and the quality of electrical wiring for homes and offices plays a vital role in keeping us safe from electrical fires, shocks, and other risks. To…
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Ask Teko: Is an Inverter Aircon Worth it?

2 Mins read
For something as important as buying an aircon unit, it’s important to get it right the first time. In the Philippines, the two most prevalent air conditioners are inverter air conditioners and non-inverter air conditioners. Both may cool your space—but…
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Teko Reviews: Everest Aircon

2 Mins read
  As you might probably be aware, the aircon industry is dominated by major brands, and you know the value you’re getting when you buy a Carrier or an LG. However, new players are springing up with innovative features of…

Looking for a Reliable Electrician Near You?

2 Mins read
They say necessity is the mother of invention; when the power goes out, a smart homeowner immediately looks for the circuit breaker. In recent years, most likely because of today’s tech-savvy culture, we know better than to mess with electrical…

Electrician Career Guide - Philippines 2022

4 Mins read
Electricians are crucial to the operation of any company and the function of any home. From large-scale construction projects to medium enterprises and small residential properties, electricians help make things run smoothly. Many companies in the country, particularly in Metro…