Fujidenzo is a Philippine brand established in 2005 trusted for its quality yet affordable home and commercial appliances. Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies, Inc. (EXATECH) who is also distributing Maytag Commercial Laundry, Whirlpool and Glem in the Philippines.

Fujidenzo saw an opportunity in the Philippine market to position products that are not expensive without compromising its quality. That’s where their tagline was born – “Quality Above All”. With continuous improvements and enhancements at Fujidenzo’s products, consumers started to trust the brand.

The company is committed to consistently provide a line of home and commercial appliances that are durable, efficient, and dependable.


Washing Machines

Fujidenzo Single Tub BWS 780Single Tub Washer
BWS 780

7.8 kg. Single Tub Washer
Eco-Soak Wash Cycle
Stain Resistant Finish
Powerful Star-Fin Design Pulsator
3 Brushes (Detachable) on 3 sides
3 Scrubbers (Detachable) on 3 sides
Jumbo Powerful Pulsator with built-in Triple Oval Pulsators
Stain Resistant Finish
Wash Selector (Gentle and normal)
Lint Filter
Durable Clear Cover
Rust-Proof Plastic Body
Rat-Proof Base
Color: Gray
Dimensions : ( h:w:d ) 84 : 50 : 43 cm



Fujidenzo Twin Tub JWT 801Twin Tub Washer
JWT 801

8 kg. Twin Tub Washer
Eco-Soak Wash Cycle
Powerful Pulsator with Scrubbers
Air Dry Spin Cycle
Dual Inlet Hose
Water Filter
Wash & Drain Selector
Durable See-Through Cover
Rust-Proof Plastic Body
Rat-Proof Base
Dimensions : ( h:w:d ) 89 : 77 : 49 cm



Fujidenzo Top Load Fully Automatic IJWA 1050 VT

Top Load Fully Automatic Inverter Washer
IJWA 1050 VT

10.5 kg. HD Inverter Fully Automatic Washer
HD Direct Drive Motor
Variable Water Pressure Technology –  An advanced feature that allows your fully automatic washer to operate even with very low water pressure.
Soft Closing Tempered Glass Cover
Digital Touch Controls
Fabcon Dispenser
Energy Efficient Motor
Large Led Display
Eco-Saver Water Recycle Function
8 Wash Cycles
10 Water level Selector
Quiet Wash
Air Dry
Stainless Steel Hub
Automatic Imbalance Correction & Adjustable feet

Child Lock
Titanium Gray Color
Dimensions : ( h:w:d ) 38.5 : 24.5 : 25 in


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