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How to Compute Aircon Consumption in the Philippines

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Are you wondering about your aircon’s power consumption? You came to the right place. Either you’re thinking about buying a new aircon, and you’re concerned about its future impact on your expenses, or you’ve had one for a while, and now you’re staring at your electric bill, wondering how much of that is caused by that particular appliance.

Calculating aircon power consumption is quite simple, and some basic arithmetic will suffice. The kWh usage of your air conditioner is determined by its horsepower rating (HP). Furthermore, factors such as the size of your air conditioner, the Energy Efficiency Ratio, the size of your room, the unit’s running condition, and the type of AC unit you are using all impact the overall power usage.

Check the horsepower of your machine and convert it to Watts (1 HP = 746 Watts). So, if you have a 1 HP air conditioner, multiply 746 Watts by the number of hours you use it per day x [your energy provider’s rate], then add 12 percent VAT x 30 days. Using this method, you should be able to determine how much of the monthly expenditure is related to air conditioning. 

However, keep in mind that this sample computation is entirely mathematical, and actual results may vary depending on how you use your air conditioner, the number of people in the room, the space’s insulation, and other factors.

An example of a window-type aircon electricity calculation is shown below. Assume you have a 1.0 HP non-inverter window air conditioner that runs for at least 12 hours each day.

  1. Converting 1 HP to Watts will give us: 1 HP = 745.7 or 746 Watts to round it up.
  1. Next, multiply 746 by the total number of hours the air conditioner is in use:

746 Watts X 12 hours = 8952 Watt-hour 

  1. We’ll convert 8952 Watt-hour to KiloWatt-Hour (kWh) because we live in the Philippines, and that’s how power gets measured here: 

8592 Watt-hour / 1000 = 8.952 kWh 

  1. The next step is to determine how much your electricity provider’s cost is. We’ll choose PHP 13.7580 for this example because that’s what the power provider charges per kWh in the metropolitan area. You can always check the amount in your area by consulting your electric bill.

8.952 kWh multiplied by 13.7580 Php/kWh is 123.16 Php.

  1. Finally, multiply it by 12% to get the VAT figure,  then add that to the total.

123.16 Php X .12 = 14.78 Php.

123.16  Php + 14.78 Php = 137.94 Php per day

You may get a monthly estimate by multiplying the amount by 30 days.

137.94 Php multiplied by 30 days is 4138.2 Php per month.

Therefore, using your aircon for 12 hours a day adds up to an additional 4138.2 Php per month in your power bill! Based on this calculation, you may determine if the cost is reasonable or if you need to reduce your air conditioning consumption. Knowing how to do this is useful because, at the end of the day, you can only improve that which you can measure.


How much does aircon cost per hour in the Philippines?

As mentioned, this varies depending on several factors. On a more general note though, here’s how you do it:

  1. Convert your aircon’s HP rating to watts. For example, a 1HP ac unit consumes 746 watts.

1HP= 746 Watts

  1. Multiply the Watt rating by 1 hour to arrive at 746 Watt-Hour. Convert this to kWh since that’s how electric companies measure electricity in the Philippines:

746 Wh/ 1000= 0.746 kWh

  1. Multiply the amount by the cost per hour according to your provider. Let’s use the metropolitan rate PHP 13.7580/kWh.

0.746 kWh x Php 13.7580/kWh = Php 10.2634

  1. Don’t forget to add the 12% VAT.

Php 10.2634 x .12= Php 1.2316

Php 10.2634 + Php 1.2316= Php 11.495

The average cost of aircon consumption per hour in the Philippines is Php 11.495.

How much does an inverter aircon cost per hour in the Philippines?

Inverter air conditioners are more efficient than standard models. The optimal management of motor activity provided by Inverter Technology leads to the elimination of unnecessary power usage. According to Power Lab testing, inverters can save you 25% to 64% on energy bills while providing the same or greater comfort. Therefore, the average cost per hour of an inverter aircon may fall between just  Php 4.13 to Php 8.60.

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