Interior Designers share what they consider before buying an appliance

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Appliances have been an essential part of everyone’s home for so many years. Brands, innovations, styles, sizes, and other features have come and gone to make our experience with our appliances better and more efficient. 

With the multitude of options in the market, it is definitely a pain to land on a decision. We decided to reach out to interior designers and get their insights when buying appliances.

“As an Interior Designer, these are some of the things I look at when buying an appliance for the space I’m designing”



Idr. Karl Angelou T. Dioso, licensed interior designer, 5 years working as a young professional in the industry of design that turns every vision into reality. He aims to create quality refined spaces with constant innovation and remain sustainable. Worked with unique lifestyle spaces from house, condominium, commercial, and workspaces. Giving you perfect harmony between beauty and function.”

Replacing an appliance during re-modelling is an ideal time to evaluate any interior space and client’s lifestyle. Deciding as to which appliances are right for them can be tricky and exciting at the same time. I’m a licensed interior designer and these are my 3 things to consider when buying appliances.

Style & Aesthetic

Treat your appliances like the focal point of your space. When it comes to finishes, stainless steel is a classic option but nowadays manufacturers offer a wide range of new designs and finishes such as coated steel in solid black, red, accent yellow or mimic wood tones. From Modern, minimalism to traditional classic appliances design, whatever it is, make sure it will blend with the entire space and your personality.

Sustainable & Energy efficient

Appliances with less carbon footprint and replacing appliances that are less energy-intensive are highly recommended. You’ll not only save monthly bills but you can also help the environment.

Budget & Durability

Budget and durability may be the biggest consideration of any homeowner. Checking the quality review of items before purchasing is the best way to choose appliances. The ability to remain functional without requiring excessive maintenance and repair is the best kind of appliance.

When it comes to budget, you need to set your priorities. Get amazing discounts and keep an eye on after a new model is released. Most likely, the old price of the old one will markdown and offer a great discount.

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“IDr. Coleen is a hard-working professional who juggles her time between her full-time job, business, and side gigs. She works as an interior designer in one of the well-known real estate developers during the day and works as a freelance content writer at night. IDr. Coleen has been in the industry for almost four years and has taken on various challenging yet exciting projects. She has also started her branding, ANEC Interiors, where she does her freelance projects whenever she has enough time. Her top priority in her design is the function; next is the aesthetics. Hence, her unique taste and different outlook in design. Her most challenging project was the 18 square meter studio unit, where she had to maximize it for four people as the owner will have it for rent. Although it was difficult, she delivered it well.”

It is better to leave it to the experts when it comes to interior design. It is a misconception that hiring an interior designer will cost you a lot, but this is not the case. You hire and pay us for the skills that we have acquired for years. We are the best people to come to when it comes to interior designing. We can do renovation, styling, and even a quick consultation. You can even consult us regarding the best appliance that suits your needs and lifestyle. Shopping for an appliance can be therapeutic yet a pain in the neck, especially when you do not know what to select when given a variety of options in front of you. So it is better to get some insights from us.

So I have trinity questions rebuttal when my clients ask me about what I consider before buying an appliance. The list of questions can be juggled depending on the topmost priority of the client:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is the size of your kitchen?
  3. What is your aesthetics or appearance preferences?

What is your budget?

You are lucky if you can invest in smart appliances without breaking your bank. Although not everyone is financially able, if you are one of them, do not allow yourself to live beyond your means. Yes, having smart appliances, especially the trending ones, can make you look rich and up to date. But as an interior designer, I suggest you should not fall for that bait. Nevertheless, there are cases where the branded ones are better, but there are still recommended alternatives that serve the same function and aesthetics. You just have to be patient enough to find one and convince yourself that you do not have to go with the norms. So when it comes to considering an appliance, you should consider whether you afford it and if you really need to make that purchase.

What is the size of your room?

As I have said, I have a different taste from the rest. I usually tend to maximize the space to utilize the functionality. Knowing the size of the room can make a huge difference and gives ease when considering appliances. This will help you decide on what to purchase and what not. For example, having a massive size of the kitchen will not be an issue because you can list all the kitchen appliances you would need then just break them down depending on your preferences. However, this is not the case for people who have a cramped kitchen area. The only option they have is to purchase multifunctional kitchen appliances. This goes for any room; having inadequate space can be a nuisance when deciding on what appliance to purchase. The trick is to find a multifunctional appliance that will fit in your room. Remember that the size of your room will dictate the size of every appliance you should purchase. 

What is your aesthetics or appearance preferences?

I ask my clients what their preferences are when it comes to the appearance of an appliance. However, you might think that they all look the same, but they do not, especially when you take a look a little closer. We live in a generation that functionality should also equate to aesthetics, especially now that everything should be instagrammable, as they say. We should consider that some people would spend most of their time in the kitchen rather than their bedroom. These people either love to cook or bake. Hence, we will assume that they would constantly flex their aesthetically pleasing kitchen showcasing smart kitchen appliances. When it comes to refrigerators, people are more fond of silver two-door and tall refrigerators. It looks modern and up to date. To sum it up, some people would prioritize aesthetics above all else.

So for me, the things I consider before buying an appliance are: the budget, if I afford it, and if it is reasonable to make that purchase; the size of my room because if I make that purchase will it fit or will it just make my room cluttered, and last is the appearance, is it an eye-sore or aesthetically pleasing and trendy.

Interior Design Portfolio: ANEC Interiors

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“IDr. Pauline is a graduate of UP Diliman and has been working as a freelance interior designer for more than 7 years.”

I usually consider the brand, the capacity, the size, and of course, the price. I prefer inverter appliances and those with longer warranty – that is within the budget.

LinkedIn: Pauline Angela Lao



IDr. Ayra Fortuno-Chua is a licensed interior designer with 8 years of experience in the interior design and construction industry. Specializing in residential interiors with background on project management and
space planning, she aims to create and curate spaces based on the unique personality of the people living
and using the space. Under her company Studio 42C, she believes that great design comes from
emphatically listening to clients to produce the best possible solution to the design problem while making

it sustainable. Studio 42C designs spaces not based on a specific style but based on it being a human-
centered endeavor.


It’s 2021, with the advent of the Pandemic all over the world, a lot of us have been working from
home and have started to look at our homes as a new environment. Like any place, we would like to
achieve that comfort and convenience within our space, and now more than ever Interior Designers have
that role of bringing that comfort and convenience in a family’s home. As licensed Interior designers we
have always been part of building houses for families to call home. We are there from the
conceptualization, construction, and down to the last detail of purchasing appliances. With online
shopping more accessible and technology catching up with us, our choices have never been more infinite.
I have had my fair share of helping my clients decide on which appliance do they need. Now here are my
top things to consider when you want to purchase or replace your appliances.

Budget, Budget, Budget
Let’s face it, earning during this pandemic is not a walk in the park. With that said, before going
to the mall or the appliance store, make sure that you do some research on how much is the going rate
for each appliance you will be purchasing. Make a list of the appliance you like, take note of the product
code, and most importantly, stick to your budget.
After Sales Service
One of the most important things that I ask each salesman of any appliance store are how long is
the warranty? Are the replacement parts readily or even easily available? Where do I get my unit serviced?
Is there a home service? These questions allow me to get a more informed decision on which brand I
would recommend to my client. The appliance that they will purchase needs to withstand the test of time
and that includes the kind of after sales service these companies offer for their products. Knowing that
you can get your appliance serviced at any given moment it breaks down, gives that peace of mind that
you know you’re well taken care of.
Form and Function
Once you’ve created a short list based on the first points, we can’t forget how the appliance looks
and its dimension in relation to its location. As an Interior Designer, we are always making sure that
everything fits your space well and looks good at the end of the day. Make sure before swiping that card
or checking out your cart, you measure the location of the appliance, look at the measurement of each
appliance, and make an actual measurement of the appliance. That way you know when it gets delivered,
all you need to do is plug it in and enjoy it with your family.

Remembering these top tips on your next appliance purchase, will greatly help you save money
in the long run and give you that peace of mind during this time. Just remember that at the end of the day
you and your family will be using each piece everyday for the rest of your lives, or the life of that appliance.

Email Address: idr.ayrafchua@gmail.com

Instagram: @studio42c


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