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Protect Your Fabric with LG’s Washing Machines

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Protect Your Fabric with LG's Washing Machine

Protect Your Fabric with LG’s Washing Machines

Protecting our fabrics has always been a challenge for all of us. Are you one of those people feeling dreadful as they take off their shirt and toss it inside the washer? You are unease on how your delicate fabric would turn out after the wash cycle. Your fabric could end up stretched out or, the color is not as vibrant as it used to be. Worry no more as LG washing machine technology is capable of protecting and extending your fabrics life-span.

With LG’s washing machine, you don’t have to weigh in the value of your fabrics against the likelihood of damage that could happen. And absolutely, no going back to your old hand-washing method to get that optimum cleanliness and care you want for your garments.

We have listed down the reasons why LG washing machines are the good choice for your fabrics.

Artificial Intelligence and Direct Drive (AI DD)

AI Direct Drive is one of the advanced technologies that LG could be proud of. It allows washing machines to determining the delicateness, characteristics and volume of your garments and apply the best setting option to provide you the ideal washing cycle. The AI technology recognizes that the delicateness of your fabrics giving you 18% more fabric protection.


Optimal Wash for Fabrics

Looking for that optimal wash that could remove that chocolate stain on your favorite shirt? Stains are clothes’ disaster! Worry no more as LG washing machines intelligently knows how to remove it with care. The washer drums moves in six different wash motions including rolling, stepping, scrubbing, tumble, filtration, and swung to give you that best cleaning performance without harming your garments.

Cleaning performance and garment protection are the top reasons why LG’s washing machine is one tough choice out of all the brands out there. This next feature will make you decide your next washing machine purchase.


Efficiency and Durability

Efficiency means saving energy, money and time. LG’s washing machines cut down the cycle length to approximately 39 minutes, allowing you to reduce energy consumption by up to 27 percent. While water consumption by up to 14 percent compared with conventional LG washing machines. How cool is that!

When it comes to durability, LG is confident in giving out a guaranteed 10-year warranty on its inverter technology.


Nevertheless, LG washing machines remained the top of mind of the customers not only because of its credibility but because of  its customer centered technology. The constant innovation of their washing machines proves that they can address each individual’s needs.

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