Washing Machine Prices in Philippines 2021: The Full Guide To Buying Washing Machines


Unarguably, doing laundry is one of the least enjoyable things globally, especially when you don’t own a washing machine yourself. How many times will you make a trip to the laundry shop in a week? 2 times? 4 times? Maybe, even 5 times a week? Or if the laundry shop isn’t a choice, maybe get those biceps ready for some cloth washing session. One problem, though- it can get tiring. That is why buying a washing machine can save both your time and energy in the long run.

But, researching washing machine prices in the Philippines and the best model isn’t as simple as it seems; there are multiple factors to consider. For example, what are some of the best features that I can get if I’m on a low budget? Should I get a twin tub or single tub if both are available? Are inverters an option throughout all washing machine prices in the Philippines?

With this comprehensive guide, we will attempt to provide you with all the information you need to get ready to buy and install a washing machine. Whether your budget is high, mid-level, or low, this guide will hopefully serve as the ultimate guide for washing machine prices in the Philippines in 2021.


What To Expect For Washing Machine Prices in The Philippines On Low-Budget

Even if you are on a low budget, it is still possible to fish in a washing machine with decent features, despite its price. It goes without saying that you would like to find one that saves you money on monthly bills when purchasing a washing machine. Surprisingly, you’ll be able to find a heavy-duty and eco-friendly washing machine for a mere ₱3,898. But, those are only single-tubbed. What if you wanted to have a twin tub washing machine with air-dry technology for your family? In that case, those washing machine prices start from around ₱5,299.

Most of these low-budget washing machines tend to be, well, low-budget- they aren’t THE most durable ones. We strongly recommend getting a single tub as twins can be pretty bulky for a low-budget type of washing machine in the Philippines. However, they keep the clothes clean with their effective and heavy-duty performance.

In short, you can expect these functions to be present in low-budget washing machines in the Philippines:

  • Type of Tubs available: Single/Twin
  • Inverters: May be present
  • Maximum capacity: 7KG
  • Eco-friendly Wash Cycles
  • Wash Timers: Up to 35 minutes

Another reason why you might want to consider purchasing a low-budget washing machine is due to the availability of their parts. Most homeowners might have an old one but with easily replaceable and functioning parts, and they are more than willing to sell them before upgrading to a new one. In that case, you can keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplaces and Carousell, where people tend to sell used parts there. However, before you remove any of the parts, it is important that you consult a trained professional before doing so.


What To Expect From Mid-Range Washing Machine Prices in The Philippines

Equipped with more advanced features, mid-budget washing machine prices in the Philippines start somewhere from ₱15,000. And, we all love a product that falls in the middle of the spectrum- allowing us to have access to the near-premium features but not quite fully. Ranging from ₱16,198, you can get a washing machine with 3D scrubbing technology that can get rid of any tough stain on your clothes. Alongside such technology, you also get to have a wide range of options available for the type of fabric your clothes are so that your washing machine can effectively wash your clothes. Not to mention, they are equally as eco-friendly and much more durable than low-budget washing machines.

In short, you can expect these functions to be present in mid-level budget washing machines in the Philippines:

  • 3D scrubbing technology
  • Better efficiency with some brands’ special filters
  • Inverter motors that provide silent, energy-saving, and powerful wash.
  • Child lock functions in some
  • Different wash programs for different kinds of fabrics

Suppose you have just moved into a new home, and for some reason, you want to upgrade to a new washing machine that promises much better features than your older, cheaper washing machine did. Or maybe the old one is no longer functioning. In that case, you can consider selling your old appliance online to add some money to the budget. It is important to note that if you don’t have prior experience of removing an appliance’s parts before, you should contact someone experienced.


What To Expect From High-End Washing Machine Prices in The Philippines

You can probably imagine an entirely different world of washing machines opening up to you once you enter the high-budget zone for washing machines. If you are willing to pay for optimum cleaning and efficiency, then the best washing machines are waiting for you.


Depending on what type of washing machine you are looking for, the prices can vary. Ranging from 30,000 to as high as 180,000, the different types of washing machines are in three forms: a fully automatic “front” load, “top” load, and a combi(washer-dryer).

One of the most notable differences between these three is their positions where you will load the laundry. It is relatively self-explanatory, but the “front” load has a door attached to the front, while the “top” has one at the top. Their positions define their water consumption separately. For example, the front load will consume much less water than that of a top-load. But, both can automatically detect the weight of your clothes and set the options accordingly. Thus, making it convenient for you to use them.

On the other hand, we have combi washing machines with a mixture of washers and dryers in one place. Some of them are even Wifi-enabled! You don’t manually have to take your clothes out to put in a separate tub with this type, unlike the other twin tub counterparts.

There is an abundance of reasons why you should purchase a high-end washing machine, but here is a summary of what you can expect from one in the Philippines:

  • Less water consumption
  • Rich in features
  • Has several wash cycles to choose from
  • Space-saving
  • Convenient
  • Dries clothes completely
  • Top-of-the-line


No matter which one you settle for, whether it be a twin tub with a spin dryer or just a fully automatic front load washing machine- knowing what you can get for what price is just as important.

If you are thinking of purchasing a washing machine and need help installing it, consider hiring our top expert washing machine technicians! All you need to do is sign up, fill the form, and they’ll be on their way! Tekoph helps you hire some of the best technicians in the field with just a touch throughout the country!



Purchasing a Combo (Washing Machines with Dryers): All You Need To Know

While you can have other options, such as purchasing a washing machine that is either semi or fully automatic, there are ones that provide combined features of both. Washing machines with dryers are considered the top-of-the-line appliances of any brand, so you can expect the best of technology to be present.

If you were to strip away all the fancy features, you would find that this combines a front-loading washing machine and clothes dryers into one machine. And, the best part about it is that it has the same size as an equivalent to a stand-alone washing machine.

Before you purchase a washing machine with a dryer, it is crucial that you are aware of all the pros and cons of owning one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Washing Machine With Dryer


  • Takes up less space compared to conventional washing machines.
  • Washing performance is equivalent to that of a stand-alone washing machine.
  • Consumes less energy and water compared to the usage of two separate appliances.
  • Ease of use. You can wash and dry without the stress of manually draining the water or taking out the clothes for drying in a separate tub.
  • Independent washing or drying. You can use it anytime as you would with a standard washing machine, knowing that you can use the dryer for emergency purposes.
  • Costs are usually the same if you were to use two separate tubs.


  • Time-consuming. It can take a lot of time to finish before you can add another load to it. Even then, it can only dry half the clothes properly that it has finished washing. And, if you are doing multiple rounds of laundry, it will take more time than it would if you were using a stand-alone washer and dryer at the same time.
  • High levels of water consumption when drying.
  • Can be really expensive and complicated to use.

Some combo washing machines can be tough to fit as they are a combination of a washer and dryer. So, you need to bring the measurements along with you of the spot where you’ll fit the washing machine. If unsure, you should contact a professional who can guide you.


Should I Get A Washing Machine With Dryer?

Washing machines with dryers are the perfect home appliance if you have limited space or have a small family. They are compact and provides you more flexibility than their counterparts.

Due to their most distinct advantage, combi washing machines are an excellent idea if you have issues carrying the laundry and difficulty moving.

However, if you have a large family and require multiple rounds of washing and drying, then stand-alone washers and dryers would be best suited for you. Using them will give you better washing and drying performance一 you can wash your second load of clothes while the first load dries in the dryer tub.

If you’re looking to save water consumption, you can try researching combi washing machines that are eco-friendly. Moreover, if you are on a budget, then purchasing a semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machine can save you some money.