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Top Aircon Brands in the Philippines and Where to Buy Them

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When it comes to evaluating aircon units, does brand really matter? The short answer is, of course! While some people will tell you it’s not about the brand but the specs, you’ll soon realize that nothing can be farther from the truth. There are subtle components and features that some brands excel at over the competition. So what are the top aircon brands in the Philippines?

Getting a new air conditioner isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Nowadays, aircon manufacturers offer innovative technology and sleek designs that the array of options could be overwhelming. However, the good news is that there are literally more choices for you! Before we get to the brands, here are some factors you need to consider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aircon Brand

1. Durability

Check if the aircon brand speaks for durability because naturally, you want them to last for generations, if possible. You certainly don’t want your hard-earned money to be spent on repairs every now and then.

2. Energy Efficiency Rating 

Most of the best aircon brands offer a higher Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). Never miss the EER in your aircon purchase. These ratings are mostly attached to the unit’s exterior. EER is the ratio of the cooling capacity an aircon can provide in every wattage. An excellent EER for an air conditioner is 12. The higher the energy efficiency rating, the more money you’ll save in electricity expenses.

3. Set of Features

You’ll also consider which brands offer the most features. There are plenty of aircon features to look out for, but in general, here are the ones you might need or want:

Energy-saving switch

Even when the compressor is switched off, the air conditioner’s fan normally operates continuously. However, if you use an energy-saving switch, the fans will turn off when the compressor is turned off by the thermostat, saving you money in reduced electric bills.

Check filter” light

It serves as a visual reminder to clean or replace the filter.

Oscillating Vents

An internal motor swings the unit’s airflow from side to side, more evenly cooling the space.

Remote control

This convenient feature allows you to change the temperature from wherever in the room. When your body temperature lowers in the middle of the night, this is a great way to raise the temperature/thermostat.

Sleep mode

This feature slightly raises the room’s temperature setting to avoid midnight chills. Get this if you live in places with a colder climate.


When you’re not home, the unit automatically switches on or off at a specified period, allowing a room to cool or heat up before you arrive.


Allows fresh air from the outdoors to enter the room.

Manufacturer’s warranty

For components and labor, it usually lasts one to two years. Choose a brand that has a more comprehensive and extensive warranty.

That being said, here’s our list of the top aircon brands in the Philippines.

The Top Aircon Brands in the Philippines

1. Carrier

Carrier, founded by Willis Carrier, the father of air conditioning, is the world’s leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment. They offer a wide array of aircon products such as portable aircon, air purifiers, window, split, floor, and high-wall type aircon.

Without a doubt, Carrier is one of the best aircon brands in the Philippines, and maybe even the world, for that matter. Carrier’s name in the air conditioner industry is highly reputable, and customers rave about their products. It may not be the cheapest among the brands, but it certainly ranks the highest when it comes to technology and quality. You will never go wrong with this brand.

For Carrier’s available split-type models, visit their official website:

2. Panasonic

Panasonic has a proven track record in electronic technology and home appliances around the world. Their aircon models are top-notch with their new Nanoe-G purification system, which removes dust particles in your room, ensuring that the air you breathe is constantly being cleaned.

Another feature of their aircon models is the ECONAVI Intelligent Eco Sensor. This high-precision sensor tracks human behavior and the sunlight intensity in a room. The sensors automatically adjust the room’s temperature to keep everyone comfortable while saving electricity.

To know more about Panasonic’s best split-type aircon, visit

3. LG

LG is, without a doubt, one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and house appliances globally. If you’re looking for the best aircon brand that combines style and technology, take a look at LG’s selection. Aside from their sophisticated design, people started to take an interest in LG aircon models when they released their dual inverter compressor that boasts 70% energy saving. This is undoubtedly the choice for people who are mindful of their aircon power consumption.

Another technology that LG incorporates in their aircon units is the Plasmaster Ionizer, which reduces bacteria particles passing through the air conditioner. It claims to sterilize the air in your room within 60 minutes!

LG offers a full range of aircon types designed for all walks of life. Life is indeed good, isn’t it?

Check their website for their latest aircon models at

4. Condura

Condura is a brand that is proudly made in the Philippines! Under Concepcion-Carrier Air conditioning company, Condura has made its mark in providing a broad spectrum of air conditioners for budget-conscious consumers without trailing its high-quality reputation.

Most Condura’s aircon offerings have outstanding Energy Efficient Rating (EER). Their inverter technology, along with an impressive array of durability features like anti-leak detection, non-auto restart, and bluefin protection, make this brand an excellent choice.

They also boast an anti-mildew function, bio-filter & silver ion feature to inhibit bacteria in the air for healthier indoor air.

To know more about Condura’s air conditioner technology, visit

5. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean company that manufactures electronic components globally. They are also the world’s largest manufacturer of television since early 2006 and a top maker of smartphones in early 2011. It’s hard to find something that Samsung doesn’t excel at since their home appliances are top-notch, too, from washing machines, refrigerators, aircon, smart ovens, etc.

Don’t forget to check Samsung aircons’ newest technology – WindFree. WindFree comes with a built-in Air Purifier filter that keeps the air clean and free from dust, allergens, and bacteria up to 99%.

See their vast array of aircon models at

Where to Buy Air Conditioners

So you’ve decided to buy an air conditioner for yourself, perhaps because your previous one broke down or because it’s your first time, and the heat is getting to you.

It’s crucial to remember that when purchasing a significant item like an air conditioner, you should only buy from reputable retailers to avoid receiving a subpar machine. When you consider how an air conditioner affects your living circumstances and, as a result, your health, purchasing from shady vendors is a significant risk.

Here are some of the most respected appliance retailers in the country. 

1. Concepstore

Concepstore is, at its heart, a fully stocked online appliance store that is always ready to meet your home and electrical appliance needs. ConcepStore by Concepcion Industries gathers new and innovative appliances and gadgets from top brands together in one place. Thanks to their local operations, you may anticipate your purchase to arrive within 24 hours after confirming your payment. Their guarantee is also rather extensive. You are entitled to a complete and free replacement within one year if your product breaks or is deemed to be faulty. All Concepstore products are genuine manufacturers’ products that have passed BPS Philippine Standard Safety Certification and SGS Fimko, Ltd. accreditation testing.

Concepstore also offers an incredible discount on their air conditioner units, and you shouldn’t miss it! (Exact offer to follow).

2. ShopSM

Well, this one is a no-brainer. Big box stores like SM will likely provide the most extensive collection, comprehensive warranties, and service options. Simply walk into one of their numerous stores, and you’re sure to be met with an endless array of options. That’s the thing about this retail giant- it’s everywhere. Moreover, SM might also be the most flexible when it comes to payment options.

3. Abenson

Abenson is an electronics retailer with a massive online presence. What sets them apart is that they have an official Abenson Viber Community, and their site, is available for your appliance needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Viber shopping is like conversing with your own personal shopper. Of course, if internet shopping isn’t your thing, you can always go into one of their stores and shop safely. Abenson also accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and other types of financing.

4. Second-Hand Dealers

If you’re on a limited budget but need an air conditioner immediately, it might be a good idea to scout for units carried by used appliance dealers. But before doing so, you must consider the pros and cons of buying such units. 


Let’s face it, aircon units are far from cheap, which makes choosing the best brand an extremely important step. You will never go wrong with the brands we listed above, and the choice now is only a matter of budget and personal preference.

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