Used Refrigerator, Should You Buy One?

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Not everyone has the financial means to purchase new appliances. Appliances are expensive and for some of us, the only way to get appliances is through hand-me-downs or buying secondhand appliances. 

Refrigerators tend to be more expensive, especially for large families, with more needed Refrigerator space, and the bigger you need the more expensive it can get. There are advantages and disadvantages to buying a used refrigerator and we listed some of them to help with your next purchase.


PRO: Lowered Prices, Save money! – Used refrigerators are cheaper than new units. Having its value already depreciated as well as other important features used up, such as Warranty, lowers its price making it more affordable. Another great thing about looking up secondhand refrigerators is that you can negotiate prices which you can never do with new units.

CON: No Warranty, no protection, no security – Second-hand refrigerators for sale can be expected to not carry a warranty with them. Making your use of the refrigerator unsecured by abrupt breakage and unexpected expenses could hurt your pockets. 

PRO: Some secondhand refrigerators are barely used – When looking for used refrigerators for sale, sometimes when you’re lucky, you can also find units that are barely used. You’d be lucky to find that some of them even still have warranties on them. But then again, it’s all luck, and not all the time would you find barely used units.

CON: Own transport of the unit – Although we do have delivery service apps we can easily book from to transport deliveries, there’s still a lingering worry of safety of the unit during the transport unlike if it’s from an appliance store where they can deliver the item themselves. Another inconvenience would be installing and moving the refrigerator. Some delivery service apps wouldn’t even help you with placing your unit and some would require additional cost.

PRO: Help in the environment – Buying used refrigerators helps the environment, even just a little. Used appliances that are thrown out usually only end up in landfills that harm the environment.

CON: Outdated technology – Usually, the cheaper models you can find in the used refrigerator market are old models. Some of them even have parts that are not manufactured anymore by their brand. Some models also have outdated technology that isn’t par with the energy-efficient technology that we have today; leading to a higher cost in electricity in the long run.

When you do buy a used refrigerator, the next step you must do to make sure you prolong the life of your used refrigerator is to have a trusted refrigerator technician in your beck and call.


Buying a used refrigerator can surely be a good option for a lot of us. It’s cheaper, still functional, and helps save the environment. The same holds true whether purchasing a refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, washing machine, or other appliances.

Used Refrigerator, Should You Buy One?