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Washing Machine with Dryer

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Washing Machine with Dryer

Is the weather delaying your laundry schedule? Say goodbye to the rainy days and do your laundry any time of the day with washing machine that comes with a dryer! Washing machine with dryer has been making rounds as it introduces washer-dryer combo in one appliance. Sounds amazing, right? You don’t have to lift a finger to transfer your washed clothes to another machine for a drying session. It is also perfect for those who has limited space to line drying their clothes at home.

We have listed few washing machine types with dryer function to help you out in choosing the right one for you.


Twin Tub Washing Machine

Twin tub washing machine has two separate tubs, left tub which is typically for soaking, rinsing and washing your clothes. While the right tub is the dryer tub. Yes, you have to manually move your clothes by hand from the washer tub going to the dryer tub and set the machine to run a cycle. The clothes are being dried through a method of spinning in order to remove the moisture out of the fabrics.

The spinning method will not completely dry out your fabrics but, would help you spend lesser time drying them up. Line hanging your clothes is still required to totally dry your clothes.

Some of the popular twin tub washing machines and their specifications.



JWT 601






Product Description:

  •  6 kg. Twin Tub Washer
  •  Eco-Soak Wash Cycle
  •  Powerful Pulsator with Scrubbers
  •  Air Dry Spin Cycle
  •  Dual Inlet Hose
  •  Water Filter
  •  Wash & Drain Selector
  •  Durable See-Through Cover
  •  Rust-Proof Plastic Body
  •  Rat-Proof Base
  •  Dimensions : ( h:w:d ) 83 : 74 : 42 cm



Sharp Twin Tub







Product Description:

  • 6.5 kg Wash Capacity
  • Cylindrical Tub Design
  • 15-min timer
  • Bearing Holder System
  • Lint Filter
  • Bigger Pulsator (Kujira Pulsator)(+12% bigger vs. current model)
  • Rust-Free (All Plastic Body)
  • Rat Proof Base
  • “Mega Mouth”
  • Over-hand scrubber
  • Dimensions : ( h:w:d ) 93 : 89 : 55 cm


Twin Tub Washing Machine


American Home







Product Description:

  • 6.0kg Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • Powerful Pulsator
  • Water Inlet, Drain knob
  • Wash Selector (normal, gentle, drain)
  • Wash/Spin Dry Timer, Rat Proof Bottom
  • Belt/Direct Driven, Polypropylene Plastic Body
  • Color: Black Lid, White Body, BLACK SERIES
  • Dimension (WxHxD) 760X940X460 mm
  • Warranty 1 year parts and labor


Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machine is consist of a single tub that controls all the aspects of clothes’ washing without any effort from a user. From determining the water level of your washer, filling in the detergent, and performing the cycle, up to rinsing the clothes and have it spun for drying are automatically done by the machine alone.

Though it may not do well on the drying department, dryer function on this washing machine tub will still save you energy and time in drying up your clothes. Hanging line your fabrics for complete drying is still needed.


Here are few noteworthy fully automatic top load washing machines available in the market:


Whirlpool Top Load Washing MachineWhirlpool







Product Description:

  • 8 kg. Top Load Fully Automatic Washer
  • 12 Wash Cycles
  • 6th Sense Technology
  • Stainwash Technology
  • ZPF Technology
  • Agipeller
  • Detergent Dispenser
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Water Level Selection
  • Hot Water Selection
  • Hard Water Wash Function
  • Express Wash Function
  • Delay Wash Function
  • Up to 740rpm
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Galvanized Body
  • Control Panel Child Lock
  • Rat-Proof Base Cover
  • Color: Graphite
  • Input Power: 360W
  • Heater Power: 1450W
  • Dimension HxWxD 96.5 x 54 x 56 cm








Product Description:

  • 7.5 kg. Cyclonic Care Top Load Washing Machine
  • Cyclonic Care Pulsator
  • Air-Freshed Drying
  • Prism Drum
  • Tub Clean
  • Wool Function
  • Frequency (Hz): 60
  • Voltage (V): 220
  • Dimension HxWxD 52.5 x 51.5 x 93 cm


Panasonic Top Load NA-F80A5HRM










Product Description:

  • 8.0kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine, Top Load,
  • 10 Wash Programs, Active Foam System
  • Turbo Mixer, Stain Master
  • Easy Wide Opening, Tempered Glass Lid
  • Active Wave Pulsator with Scrub Wash Effect
  • Rear Control Panel, Big Cassette Lint Filter
  • Japan Quality, Color: Light Gray
  • Dimension (W x D x H) 595 x 658 x 1,050 mm
  • Net Weight 36kg
  • Warranty: 12 Years Motor only


Front Load Washer Dryer

Front load washer dryer is said to be the perfect deal for an ultimate cleaning result and better drying performance among all types of washer-dryer combo. Aside from the benefit that it is fully automatic, people started clamoring for a front load washer dryer combo as it removes tough stains effectively and uses less water and energy by spinning the clothes 33% faster than the top load washers. As a result, more excess water is removed from the clothes, the lesser time it needs to be on the drying department.

You may also get amazing drying features from front load washer dryer brands, like steam feature that does not only dry up your clothes but sanitize it at the same time. Also, you’ll notice that the cloth is almost wrinkle-free after drying.

We have listed below some of the front load washing machine with dryer from reputable brands.


Panasonic Washer Dryer









Product Description:

  • 9.0kg Washer /6.0kg Dryer
  • StainMaster+ 3Di Inverter
  • Hygiene, ECONAVI,
  • 38min Active Speed Wash, Active Foam System
  • 360mm Wide Door Inlet, Alpha Drum
  • Modern Control Panel Design , Drying Function
  • 14 Washing Programs, Washing Technology
  • Body Color: White Max Spin Speed 1400 rpm
  • Voltage/ Frequency 230v/60Hz
  • Dimension ( W x D x H ) 596 x 600 x 845mm
  • Net Weight 79kg,
  • 1 Year Warranty For Parts and Services, 12 years Warranty for Motor.

LG Front Load Washer Dryer









Product Description:

  • 9kg/6Kg  Front Load Combo Direct Drive Inverter
  • AI DD , Turbo Wash Fast & Clean Wash in 59 Minutes
  • Steam For Allergy Care, ThinQ Remote Control
  • With Wifi/ New Cycle Download/ Smart Diagnosis
  • TWINWASH Compatible , Vibration Sensor , Friction Damper
  • Weight Balance
  • Unit Dimension (WxDxH) 600x560x800 mm
  • Color: VCM
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor



Samsung Front Load Washer Dryer Combo








Product Description:

  • 9.5kg/6kg Washer Dryer Combo
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • AI Control (Auto Cycle Link and Smart things)
  • AddWash
  • Eco Bubble
  • Drum Clean Plus
  • Hygiene Steam
  • Type B-2 Flat + Ground Plug
  • Unit Dimension (WxDxH) 600 x 650 x 850 mm
  • Warranty 1 year Parts; 11 years motor


Always remember that getting the most advanced technology doesn’t mean that it is the right choice for you. You might end up wasting money in the end. The best choice is the one that will fit into your space, consumes less energy and most importantly, the one that could do the job for you and meet your laundry needs.

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